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                                                                            We Live For This
Our Story begins in 1989 when a group of surfers started a quest to build a lighter and much more durable surfboard.  After investigating many composite technologies, and layup techniques, what would become the now world famous Tuflite was developed and perfected.  That first technical breakthrough led Surftech to become one of the largest and most successful Longboard, Shortboard and Stand Up Paddle Board makers in the world today.  


Over the years we have worked with and made boards for, most of the best shapers, brands and athletes in the world.  Today these brands include Dick Brewer, Channel Islands, Donald Takayama, Stewart, Munoz, Robert August (Endless Summer fame) and Bear (Big Wednesday fame) and of course Surftech.  We have also recently introduced an entirely new specially design series of boards for beginners and surf schools.  These Patent Pending boards are in what we call our “Learn 2 Surf” collection and can be found along with a list of surf schools in this website.

Early in the new century, several world-famous Hawaiian watermen started exploring ways to stay fit between swells.  Taking old tandem boards or other very large surfboards along with a handy and probably random outrigger canoe paddle, these early pioneers started to paddle these boards while standing up.  What started out as a way to stay fit while connecting with family and having fun with their kids was instantly recognized as a way of gaining core muscle fitness and endurance.  With this, the sport that would become Stand-Up Paddling began.


 In those still early years, and working with those very same world-famous watermen, Surftech became the first commercially available SUP board Brand available to the general public.  The boom that these pioneers and Surftech helped to create has today become one of the largest and fastest growing sports in the world.  


Today, these early boards have evolved to become highly refined pieces of technical equipment that are now specially made for Touring, SUP Surfing, various forms of Racing as well as specific designs that are designed for Fishing, Women or just All-Around recreational usage.  There are even many different designs that are Inflatable, making storage in an apartment, garage or transportation easier.  Working with world leading designers like Joe Bark and Jeff Clark, Surftech continues to push the boundaries of performance and durability.  Our Bark designed Prone and Race boards are known the world over and used by a many of the top competitive athletes worldwide.  

Today, we are much more than just Tuflite.  We continue to push the technical limits of materials and constructions as witnessed recently with our breakthrough introduction of Dual Core constructions used on such models as the Surftech Pantera, Channel Islands Twin, Mini and Dane Gudauskas Rocket 9. These boards combine the best qualities of PU (polyurethane) and EPS (expanded polystyrene) combined with our sustainable “GreenPoxy” and other sustainable steps which have garnered the much sought-after approval from industry watchdog organization “Sustainable Surf”.


 All our boards also utilize the latest and most advanced fin systems and boxes from both FCS and Futures and carry a One Year Warranty.  
We build what others can only dream of and we were the first to do it!  

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